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It would be nice, if it was just this easy, but it’s not, because of the reasons for rape and because like it or not we live in a rape culture, just telling people to not rape is not enough.



No I’m not surprised that people believe this. There are people out there who believe men rape because they are not getting enough sex at home. Excuse me while I go bang my head against a post.

This is a rugby player (for those of you who don’t know) and I don’t know if he actually said this, of course the cynical side of me says, well of course he doesn’t have to wait for a girl to get drunk he can just hold her down, look how big he is. Sometimes I hate myself.

Now before you think I am just some fucking man-hating bitch that thinks every man is a rapist, I didn’t say he would, I said he could. That is part of the problem, men don’t realize that by their size alone they can be threatening and frightening to women, it does no good to say, “But I would never” because you’ve already caused fear and distress by just not realizing how threatening you just are. You just are.


I read another article, blaming the victim, which has fueled my outrage regarding how women are treated in this world, and so the next 6 or 7 posts might be a little offensive.


Dropkick Murphys

One day this week a woman got on the train carrying a cup of coffee. Instead of a paper sleeve she had a crocheted one. My first thought was, I want it! My second thought was I can make it myself. I went online to find a pattern, all the patterns I found were crocheted, but I wanted a knit one. I decided it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to make one myself.

20130316-134725.jpgAnd here it is, and here are the directions. I used “Caron Simply Soft Party yarn” medium size, gauge is 18 stitches, 24 rows with #8(5mm) US needles=4″x4″ (10 cm). I used size #4 US, (3.5 mm) double pointed needles to make the knitted sleeve shown.

Cast on 34 sts. Join
Rnd 1: K
Rnd 2: Purl all even rows.
Rnd 3: K 17 sts, increase one stitch, K 16 sts, increase one stitch, K1
Rnd 5: K
Rnd 7: K 18 sts, increase one stitch, K 17 sts, increase one stitch, K1
Rnd 9: K
**Rnd 11: K to last stitch, increase one stitch in space before last stitch.
Rnd 12: P
Rnd 13: K
Rnd 14: P

Repeat from ** until sleeve is as long as you want it. Bind off next row, weave yarn ends in.

20130316-135937.jpgAfter finishing it and trying it on the cup to make sure it fit, I did another test. I took the sleeve off the cup and boiled some water, then I made tea in the cup. I put the sleeve on and held the cup, yes I am holding a paper cup with boiling water in it. So not only does it protect my hand, I was also able to get it on the cup when the cup was full. I call that success.