My life, work, Manhattan on weekends and baseball. Whenever possible. Maybe I can’t come up with anything new and fresh to say because my obsession has surfaced with the beginning of April and all I can think of is, “Are the Yankees going to make to the post-season?”

Does it make me a hypocrite to tell people, “Calm down, it’s only April.” While in the back of my head I am thinking, “If these guys don’t start winning more games …. ” Deep breath, deep breath.

On another topic, last night Gwen was looking at apartments (for me) on-line. Every time she steps in my room her eyes light up with the thoughts of what she is going to do when it is her room. And she talks constantly about it. She is driving me crazy.

Sometimes, I hate everybody in this house.

This is my new favorite E*Trade commercial. If I had money to invest, I would probably do it with E*Trade.

Just a man and his thoughts, and his smart phone.