Late to the party, that’s me always.

This debate about the new logo was not something that overly concerned me, I am not really a big logo person, I mean I appreciate the importance of a logo, but I don’t get overly attached to them. To be truthful, I wasn’t even sure if they had switched yet because I hadn’t seen it. But here it is on a cup sleeve. I kind of like it, even though its green. The reason I hadn’t noticed it before is because I normally get my coffee in my personal cup. For a variety of reasons.

Besides my belief that it is better for the environment, it also doesn’t burn my hand to hold this cup when its filled with hot coffee and I get a 10¢ discount on my drinks. On a side note, it holds a tall size drink, and yes I have been charged for a grande at times and I like the color. I even have nail polish to match. Seriously, I do.

So, what do you think?