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Since this blog is about my life, I can make this post about anything I want. Pulled an all nighter? Well when I worked nights, I don’t think that is what they are talking about. Watching Bones on

When I flew out to Washington State because my nephew was seriously ill, I think I was up for hours, I went from work straight to the airport, the flight out of Buffalo was delay, thunderstorms in Chicago. Where I was changing planes, then we almost didn’t make it to Chicago. My flight out of Chicago was delayed also, I don’t remember how many hours. Then straight from the airport in Seattle to the hospital. I don’t remember if I had a place to sleep or if I had to sleep on the floor.

I’m not sure if that is the longest I have been without sleep, but it certainly felt like it.



Since the carbon monoxide incident in our office, people are really nervous.

The other day management announced they were testing the fire alarm system because the fire marshal was there. The first time the alarm went off, my boss comes out of his office, almost at a run.

Today I went to the reception area to get the overnight mail, there were a bunch of men in hard hats and safety vest crowded around the elevator. I’m sure my heartbeat went up at least 20 beats per minute.

Someday the sight of safety vests won’t upset me like that. I keep telling myself that.