Em and I decided to go to the city today. Trying to make up for last week. She also had a nail appointment. After stopping at Starbucks for yogurt and a cup of tea, we started out. We were extremely early, but Em wanted to see the shops at Bryant Park. First though we stopped at Sephora because we both had coupons.

They had some pretty nice stuff at Bryant Park, this one place had this beautiful Amethyst necklace that I want. Em and I will definitely be back. I want to go when I have some money but after I get my next tattoo. I will be posting a picture when I get it. As Em said, a tattoo is forever but a necklace can get broken or lost.

These are spinners, you hang them up inside or outside and they spin. They are really neat looking. Unfortunately it was a little on the chilly side, and it started raining. D had said it was going to stop, but when I checked the weather forecast, that’s not what it said, and it didn’t. After she was done getting her nails done and we were looking for someplace to get lunch, it was so cold and nasty she asked me if I wanted to head back to GCT and get lunch at Annie Moore’s. I said yes. I was especially glad to leave after the taxi drove through the water so fast I got splashed in my face!
I really wanted pictures of Central Park with snow. It was supposed to snow, but it didn’t. Actually it did start to snow. When we were on the train headed home. **pout**