>after all that posting about not posting and how I was getting back to it . . .

Wednesday Em and I came to the city. She took the day off, and it was my RDO. She had an appointment to get her nails done, I wanted to look for shorts. Been looking for a new pair for a while. The main problem is I don’t want to pay $30 for shorts.

After Em got her nails done we walked down Broadway, there was a store I wanted to go to. We stopped for lunch at another chocolate place we found. The food was great, Em got a burger and I got a vege-burger which was pretty good. Then we shared dessert, it was a monster sundae, so big we couldn’t eat it all.

We then continued our trek down Broadway to our destination, Maria Tash where I got another piercing. I took a picture but it didn’t turn out, I will have to take another one, except I don’t know if I want my not quite flat abs displayed. That should tell you what I got pierced. Em had to get another pair of shoes, her feet are now horribly blistered.

Thursday I got my nails done, but I will have to post about that later. I took notes though, I will just have to type up what I wrote in my journal.