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>Now everyone knows that . . .

>Bella is an insecure whiney little thing. LOL! But it sometimes helps to whine a little. See, J. Kaye from J. Kaye’s Book Blog took pity on me and tweeted about my giveaway, and now people have entered! It is actually going to be a contest now! I am so happy. Yes really, now off to find a life.

In other news, Em got a new car, a blue Hyundai Elantra. They got a rebate from Hyundai and cash from the government for D’s old van so everyone is happy.

My mother called, she is home and feeling alright. She doesn’t know yet if she’ll have to have additional treatment. Test results are not in yet.

Lastly, my belly is healing and still looks oh so cute!

>Checking out this blog a vagabond’s sketchbook I found this Youtube clip. I’m not a big fan of Bob Hope or James Cagney, but the dance routine is only surpased by the quips. Enjoy and check out the blog. It’s pretty cool too.