>Sometimes it’s better not to know things. Like I used to not have a site meter. I just assumed that if no one was commenting, then no one was reading and I was happy. Then I got a site meter, and the numbers showed that people were reading my blog, how exciting! As the numbers went up, my mood went up. I was happy, then this morning I got my weekly report that said I have an average of 1 person reading my blog. That made me sad. Now I want a pity party, on the count of three everybody go ‘Ahhh, poor Bella, she has no life!” Er, I mean, well you know what I mean. Pity party over.

Adding to the site meter report is the fact that so far on my book giveaway I have one person entered. ONE PERSON! And supposedly I have more readers on that blog. Sigh. I am going to have to take drastic measures to get more entries. The giveaway is only for another week. For a while I was afraid I was going to
(a) tell the publishers that I had no entries; or
(b) lie and make up some entries (you know, give them the addresses of friends and family).

Well now I have one entry. Hopefully I’ll get at least one more before the end of the week.