>Thursday 16 July 2009
Sometimes I am stupid
When I made my nail appointment I didn’t check my work schedule so here I am in a bar (Yes! a bar! Don’t judge me, it’s a nice place attached to a restaurant and in GCT, how much nicer can you get?) waiting until its time to head to the nail salon.

What made me pick up my pen was the thought or question, how do other people see things? Is that a valid question or is it the Negra Modela talking? Here’s how the scene played out if I was were writing a book.

The bartender watched as she moved from one barstool to the other, as she placed her pocketbook on the bar and carefully arranged her ball cap, with her sunglasses and cellphone inside it, her water, beer, basket of chips in a precise semi-circle around her napkin. She picked up her cell phone, smiling at the text message she received and he wondered.

Does anyone else think like that?