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>After the game and today

>I am still behind on my posting. Sometimes I think I will never catch up. So we didn’t go home right after the game. I mean we weren’t planning on it, even though Em was up at 3:00 a.m. to come to the Today Show so Tigger and Fred could see Rob Thomas. Em had to tell me what her ‘brilliant’ son did. He was in the men’s room and the drummer comes in, asks him how he enjoyed the show and he says, “It was fine.” ARGGG! Fred was like, “YOU IDIOT!” Tigger said he didn’t recognize him. Em told him, to study the faces of the Fray so if that happens when we come down he won’t make the same goof.

Anyway, after the game we took the subway to Columbus Circle and then walked around Central Park, then we started down to Grand Central. We were on 7th because according to my notebook, there is a Yankee store on 7th Ave and I wanted to get some Yankee stuff. Like a red Yankee Cap(more on that later). Well we didn’t see it and according to SuperPages, it isn’t there anymore. But before we got to where it was supposed to be, we stopped for dinner. It was a nice little Italian restaurant called Trattoria Dell’arte, they had this cute little wrappers around their napkins with their name on the inside and we got to sit outside. So we had a nice dinner even if I didn’t get to the Yankee Store, that wasn’t there.
Today I took the kids to see Ice Age. I left them at the theater and I went shopping. I found the MLB store in the mall, it had jerseys, but they were huge, I think the smallest was x-large. Then I found the Lids Store and got a red cap. You see, the Yankee’s wore red caps at the game. I realize now it was for the 4th of July. I still wanted a red one. So I got one, rather expensive, and after I bought it and left the store, I realized it was wool, so I had to return it. I ended up with the game day hat, which is not wool, more expensive, and I didn’t like it as much. I might return it too. It is in the bag in my hatch until I decide.
The rest of today I just wanted to sit on my bed and read and play online, Tigger kept bugging me, to go driving, to go get him candy. Well, now it is bedtime and I still haven’t written my review.


>I went to my first ever Yankee game yesterday, in the NEW Yankee stadium. We were way up top, the cheap seats you know. It wasn’t too bad, we had a roof over our head, which meant we were in shade and I had my little binoculars, which actually are pretty powerfull, I was able to see that the police officers on the field were not that cute. Not like my man Derek.

Anyway, it was fun, Cano and A-Rod got home runs, which was exciting. I jumped up and screamed and shook my … well you get the picture. My ticket is glued in my album now and I bought a keyring. I am going to get earrings from the MLB website, they are pretty little things and if I ever go to another game, shoot, if I watch a game at home on TV, I’m going to wear them. I will even wear them to visit my mom! She hates the Yankees.

I will end this post with a picture of my favorite Yankee of all time. May he rest in peace.