>I went to my first ever Yankee game yesterday, in the NEW Yankee stadium. We were way up top, the cheap seats you know. It wasn’t too bad, we had a roof over our head, which meant we were in shade and I had my little binoculars, which actually are pretty powerfull, I was able to see that the police officers on the field were not that cute. Not like my man Derek.

Anyway, it was fun, Cano and A-Rod got home runs, which was exciting. I jumped up and screamed and shook my … well you get the picture. My ticket is glued in my album now and I bought a keyring. I am going to get earrings from the MLB website, they are pretty little things and if I ever go to another game, shoot, if I watch a game at home on TV, I’m going to wear them. I will even wear them to visit my mom! She hates the Yankees.

I will end this post with a picture of my favorite Yankee of all time. May he rest in peace.