>They sang that song in Annie. Then the day after, yesterday, Em, Fred and I went to Manhattan. Got a late start since we both had some things to do before. She had to get the oil changed in her car and I had to take Gwen to the library and get gas for my car and get coffee. Gwen got a snack when I was getting coffee. Coffee is important right? I took my green bag so I could take my book The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton by Jane Smiley. I read it on the train down to the city and back home. Since it was a little warmer then past trips, I was looking for a lighter jacket to wear and found my black quilted one with the pretty silver pin.

Em is trying to plan one thing to do each time we go down. She wanted to take Fred to the FDNY museum, I wanted to get my nails done. One of them came off, I didn’t have any glue so I tried sticking it back on with clear nail polish, that didn’t work, and I didn’t get around to getting gel on it until before the nail split and I had 9 long and one short. HATE THAT!

We walked to SoHo(that’s where the museum was). Em figured we could find a salon there and they would go to the museum and I would go get my nails done. Well, that didn’t work out. So after we went through the museum (which was kind of lame compared to the NYPD museum) we started back toward GCT, keeping our eyes open for a nail salon. On the way we stopped at Banana Republic, Em was looking at dresses, I pulled out this orange dress (according to the website it’s Leon Coral) as I did that Em walked from the back of the store and said, “You would look so freakin’ hot in that!” I didn’t try it on, there was a line for the dressing room and we didn’t want to leave Fred alone in the store and she was the one looking for a dress, I just happened to find one. Anyway, I wasn’t going to spend that much for a dress without trying it on so I didn’t get it.

We found a nail place on Madison, Em and Fred kept walking and I went in, the plan was to meet them at Annie Moore’s. We ended up meeting at GCT and I got a pasta dish from one of the little take away places downstairs and eating it on the train. I didn’t get the nails polished, decided to do that at home, then when I got home I couldn’t decide what color!

So I lined up my bottles of polish to try to decide.Should I go dark, it’s not spring yet, but it is going to be spring next week, so what color, the lavender or blue or maybe that grass green polish? Or should I be traditional, rose or red or mauve, this is so difficult!

I eventually decided on the lavender, but it took me until just now!