>What day was it? I think it was yesterday. Yes it was I just found the text message from Tigger: i found earings in the wash that are urs, and i put them in ur room (exactly as he typed it). Yay! I am so happy, so now I have two pairs of purple dangly earrings. You (well I at least) can never have too many purple things.

I also found out that Butterscotch is a water snob. He sneaks into the upstairs to drink Abigail’s water. I could never figure out why, then I see Gwen putting water in her dish, from the water cooler. He likes the bottle water! I just put tap in his dish.

Em asked me if I would go to the Tempest with Gwen, she needs to go to another play for one of her classes, so on the way home I stopped at the bookstore and got a copy so I could read it before we went. when I got home I showed the book to Em, she then told me that Gwen refuses to go see the Tempest. So I asked her, “So what am I going to do with this?” She says, “Read it?” When Stitch got home I was upstairs and I told him about Gwen not going to see the Tempest and he said, of course she won’t, then I told him I bought a copy of the Tempest, what am I going to do with it? He smiles, “Read it.”

It is a nice copy, it has a glossary so I will actually will be able to understand the language.