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New Year’s Eve

I am just sitting here waiting for the ball to drop. I weighed myself yesterday and was up 3 pounds. This A.M. I was up 2.8 pounds. Later in the day it was down to 1.6 up. I was bloated and constipated so hopefully by tomorrow A.M. I will be back to 130 or less. The only thing I can think of, because I have been counting and exercising is I am not getting enough vegetables or oil. So I am going to increase both next week.

Colorblock blanket

Here is my current project. It is a colorblock blanket. I had all these balls of yarn, all the same yarn, but different colors. Its a cotton acrylic blend so it is really soft. I read about this blanket in a book or magazine, but didn’t really want to buy the book or magazine. So I took the yarn and started knitting. This blanket is knitted from the center out. The first block I knitted was yellow. Then I attached the orange and knitted an orange stripe, then I picked up stitches along the edge and knitted another orange stripe, so the orange is the shape of an L. I kept doing that all around. I have no idea how big this thing will be when it is done, I am just knitting until I run out of yarn. Actually, I bought more yarn so it would be bigger, but I couldn’t find the same brand, so now I have more colors! As you can see, I started it in a garter stitch, but decided it would look better in a stockinette stitch, and it does. So if I do this again, that is how I will knit it from the start.

And if I don’t have enough yarn for another block, I am knitting washcloths!

New weight

I weighed myself this morning and I am 130.0 pounds. After that post I read, I took my goal and my weight out of my profile. I will still post my weight here. I bought a scale to keep downstairs, but it is cheap and not accurate. So once again I have wasted money.

Tom wanted to take me out to dinner Friday. So I went. While we were waiting for a table, we went to the bar and I had this specialty drink. It did not sit well with me. It must have had something in it I was allergic to. I ended up in the ladies room, Tom sent the waitress to find out if I was all right. How humiliating! I had saved all my Flex points and didn’t even eat all my daily points! I am still feeling icky from it.

Little Feelings

I was looking about on the website and read a post that hurt my feelings, it was on the General/Daily Thread and started like this:

“vent: what kind of vain person joins ww to go . . . . . ” and finishes like this:
“. . . from 135 to 125 lbs (unless they’re like under 5’1”)? I’ve been fuming about this all yesterday and all last night. I posted a thread about being an overweight fitness instructor yesterday, and the one naysayer who’d said they’d have to be “won over” if they walked into class and saw a bigger instructor, was on here to go from 135 to 125 lbs. [Sorry to that person if you’re reading this, but it made me pretty upset]. Do any of you have people in your meetings who are thin, but want to lose 10 or 15 pounds? Does it make you mad?

Again, I’m sorry, but I just had to vent, cuz I woke up this morning still thinking about that post.”

I was reading it and thinking, “I weighed 135 when I joined, she’s calling me vain.” According to a well respected weight loss website, someone 5’1″ should weigh no more than 132, for someone 5’3″ the highest weight is 135 for 25-45 years old, for 5’4″ the highest weight is 134 for up to 25 years old. So she was not just insulting, but stupid!


When I entered my weight last Monday, the website told me the following, but I forgot to write it down, but somebody had it in their signature so I copied it.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

New Thread

I joined a new thread on Weight Watchers Message Board. It’s called “20 +/- to go” and it’s on the “Close to Goal” Message Board. Someone asked me to post something personal so this is what I posted.

“I live in New York and work in the city. I take public transportation which gives me 2 AP’s a day because of the walking I have to do. I joined WW for the first time in April, lost 5 pounds in 7 weeks, then quit. I rejoined November 6 after I got weighed at the doctors and realized I had regained the 5 pounds plus 5. I am now at 7 weeks again. I have 1.6 pounds to lose to be at the weight I was when I quit the first time, 21.6 to the weight I want to be.”

My family

Here we all are, we had gotten together to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary. On the top row, from left to right is my brother, Keith, his wife Tammy, ME, Mom, Dad, my sister Valerie and my other brother Steven. In front of Steven is my sister’s husband Paul. The rest are my brother and sister’s children and my brother’s grandchildren. 4 generations of our family.

Saturday, 16 December 2006
Busy day today. I cleaned the basement. I paid B.T. to help. We collected garbage, crushed cat litter containers to recycle, swiffered, swept and vacuumed. Then I got out the cleanser and washed the walls, the freezer, and the cabinet and moped the floor. Then I had an asthma attack right before I went to bed!

Sunday, 17 December 2006
My arm is sore this morning from all the cleaning yesterday. I took M. to the grocery store this morning, decided to get some things for myself and picked up a 12 pack of 24 oz bottles of water. OW! That hurt. I have had a killer headache all morning. Probably a combination of dust and inhaler. I weighed myself this morning, 131.6 pounds. YAY for me!

Progress Notes Thursday

I ate 16.5 points today.

That is really sad. What’s even sadder is I had this post all typed out, wiped it out somehow, and can’t remember what I said. My left shift key is sticking on me. I almost don’t feel like posting my points because I keep falling short of 18. I just had a snack of celery and hummus, it was filling, but very low in points.

I haven’t posted to Beginning Walkers because I haven’t been walking. Wednesday, when I went to lunch, it was raining so hard I took Tom’s umbrella, then on the way back, I just jumped on the subway. My boots were wet and I just didn’t feel like walking up the stairs. Today I was feeling very sick to my stomach. I blamed it on the popcorn I got at GCT.

After the meeting I went to Target for cleaning supplies and cat food & litter. Then I went to Stop ‘N’ Shop for cat food and celery. I go to two places because Target doesn’t have the Senior formula I get for Sassy.

Tomorrow is Em’s surgery. I had changed my goal weight to 109 without telling her. Then she suggested it. She said when everyone else was saying I was too thin at 120, she could see where I could lose more. So I have her support.

Below is B.T.s eye.

I see you!