Here is my current project. It is a colorblock blanket. I had all these balls of yarn, all the same yarn, but different colors. Its a cotton acrylic blend so it is really soft. I read about this blanket in a book or magazine, but didn’t really want to buy the book or magazine. So I took the yarn and started knitting. This blanket is knitted from the center out. The first block I knitted was yellow. Then I attached the orange and knitted an orange stripe, then I picked up stitches along the edge and knitted another orange stripe, so the orange is the shape of an L. I kept doing that all around. I have no idea how big this thing will be when it is done, I am just knitting until I run out of yarn. Actually, I bought more yarn so it would be bigger, but I couldn’t find the same brand, so now I have more colors! As you can see, I started it in a garter stitch, but decided it would look better in a stockinette stitch, and it does. So if I do this again, that is how I will knit it from the start.

And if I don’t have enough yarn for another block, I am knitting washcloths!