I was looking about on the website and read a post that hurt my feelings, it was on the General/Daily Thread and started like this:

“vent: what kind of vain person joins ww to go . . . . . ” and finishes like this:
“. . . from 135 to 125 lbs (unless they’re like under 5’1”)? I’ve been fuming about this all yesterday and all last night. I posted a thread about being an overweight fitness instructor yesterday, and the one naysayer who’d said they’d have to be “won over” if they walked into class and saw a bigger instructor, was on here to go from 135 to 125 lbs. [Sorry to that person if you’re reading this, but it made me pretty upset]. Do any of you have people in your meetings who are thin, but want to lose 10 or 15 pounds? Does it make you mad?

Again, I’m sorry, but I just had to vent, cuz I woke up this morning still thinking about that post.”

I was reading it and thinking, “I weighed 135 when I joined, she’s calling me vain.” According to a well respected weight loss website, someone 5’1″ should weigh no more than 132, for someone 5’3″ the highest weight is 135 for 25-45 years old, for 5’4″ the highest weight is 134 for up to 25 years old. So she was not just insulting, but stupid!