I ate 16.5 points today.

That is really sad. What’s even sadder is I had this post all typed out, wiped it out somehow, and can’t remember what I said. My left shift key is sticking on me. I almost don’t feel like posting my points because I keep falling short of 18. I just had a snack of celery and hummus, it was filling, but very low in points.

I haven’t posted to Beginning Walkers because I haven’t been walking. Wednesday, when I went to lunch, it was raining so hard I took Tom’s umbrella, then on the way back, I just jumped on the subway. My boots were wet and I just didn’t feel like walking up the stairs. Today I was feeling very sick to my stomach. I blamed it on the popcorn I got at GCT.

After the meeting I went to Target for cleaning supplies and cat food & litter. Then I went to Stop ‘N’ Shop for cat food and celery. I go to two places because Target doesn’t have the Senior formula I get for Sassy.

Tomorrow is Em’s surgery. I had changed my goal weight to 109 without telling her. Then she suggested it. She said when everyone else was saying I was too thin at 120, she could see where I could lose more. So I have her support.

Below is B.T.s eye.