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It seems that since I have been living here I am doing more cleaning then I thought possible. I’m not talking about cleaning that I didn’t have to do before, I am talking about laundry. I have done two loads this week and I have another to do tomorrow. I was going to do it tonight but just didn’t get to it. This evening it seemed like all I did was wash nylons and soak my coat in preparation for going to the laundry tomorrow.

My coat was in one of the loads I did this week but it didn’t look clean. So I am soaking it in detergent and bleach and then I am going to wash it again and hope it looks a little brighter.

Can my life get any more exciting?

Yes I know that is the title of a book or movie or both. I’m not trying to steal it or anything.

Whenever I get new shoes, any type of shoes, if I’m going to have any sort of problem with the shoes, blisters, rubbing, hurting, you get the idea. The worst of it will be on my left foot. Always.

My left foot hates shoes.