One of the things that happens when you live in a basement apartment is you get creepy crawlies. This past month I have had 4 close encounters with spiders. I’m not afraid of spiders, I just don’t want those eight legged terrorists in my living space.

The first encounter was when I was on my bed reading, I looked up I think because my phone buzzed, only to see a spider next to my head, suspended from the ceiling on a web string. I swatted him/her/it away and then jumped to smash it and it disappeared.

The second was in my bathroom, I was sitting on the toilet and it crawled out from under my sink. I pulled my feet up off the floor, before I could do anything else it crawled back under the sink.

Then tonight as I was getting ready for church I noticed a little one on my door, I picked up my Croc (its a shoe) and hit it. The spider fell to the floor, it was still moving and it went under my door, still holding the Croc I opened the door and it was gone. So after being hit on the head, falling from a height that for you and me would be the equivalent of the Empire State Building, it was able to run away. Disgusted at the fact that it got away, I dropped the Croc and shut the door, there on the outside of the door was a huge big ugly eight legged monster. I grabbed a fabric softener bottle and whacked it. Dead. So that is Spiders 3, Bella 1. That makes me the Astros.

That is why I sleep with my blankets over my head. Oh and don’t even get me started on the f***ing centipedes.