It is now baseball season which is causing me a slight problem. When I started the Post-a-day promise I was a little worried that when baseball started I would fall behind on this blog. I reasoned that if I was in the habit of posting everyday, it wouldn’t happen. Well it has, a little bit but so far I have been able to catch up, if not posting everyday, I have the same number of posts as days in the week. I still feel like I am a failure in blogging.

However, on my Yankee blog, I have posted for every game so far this year, in fact I even made up a button, “Post-a-game-2011”. That is where the problem is, I am having to write two blog posts almost every day. I don’t want either post to be a two-liner, or just a link to a new article I found interesting. I have noticed a steady stream of hits on my blog and I am starting to think I have regular readers and I don’t want to disappoint them.

I will do my absolute best to stay on top of this blog. However if it gets too hard I might switch to the post a week promise.

That is all, says she.