This Saturday started with me fulfilling an obligation first thing in the morning. Then it was off to the city. Em and I had appointments for a massage at the Russian spa I really like. It was the first time for Em and the second time for me. We skipped the sauna because Em didn’t want her makeup all over her face. There are three things I have learned about this spa:

  1. The robes are not one size fits all,
  2. The lockers are not designed for 5 ft tall people.
  3. The twisty things that the locker keys are on do not make good ponytail holders.

Other than those three things, I loved the massage. So did Em, well she says she always loves getting a massage and here is not the best massage she has had. I have also decided that a shot of vodka at 4:00 pm after just having a handful of Cheerios and a doughnut all day is not a good idea.

Then it was time for Em to get her nails done, and I was going to go to Starbucks to have a snack and go online, but Em wanted to see if The Yankee store had and Russell Martin shirts. I knew they wouldn’t, but I went there anyway. This time I didn’t buy anything, no one seemed to mind that I was walking around taking pictures in the store.

For dinner we went back to BonChon chicken. This time we got just pot stickers and salad. But since it was dinnertime, there were a lot more pot stickers per order. So we had some to bring home for Stitch. Good times.

Oh, and the Yankees beat the Red Sox.