Em and I went to the city. Normally we go down together, but this time we didn’t. Em likes to be on the train platform 20 minutes before the train arrives. I am content to be there 20 seconds before the train arrive. How have we managed to stay friends so long? **shrugs**

She went down first because she had to be there for her nail appointment. I get mine done on Friday evenings normally, yesterday I went early because of going to see the movie. That will be in a later post. I wonder if I can do 10 posts today? I went down on the next train and stopped at Sephora (looking for new perfume) before going to the nail salon to see how much longer she would be. I also stopped at a discount fragrance store. They didn’t have the perfume I was looking for.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, to pretty to stay at the salon and wait for her, so I went to Bryant Park. It is pretty near the salon and Em said she wanted to go to Central Park after her appointment. I couldn’t decide if this man was (a) people watching, (b) waiting for someone or (c) guarding the park entrance. I came in a different way so if he was guarding the entrance, I managed to slip past him.

There was ice skating at the park so I watched the skaters for a while, then Em showed up and we went to Central Park. You can see how bright and clear the sky was, the temperature was above freezing but the ponds were still partially frozen. We both had our cameras. I had my little one and Em had her nice one and we were both taking pictures of the ice. In my sidebar is a slideshow with all the pictures I took.

Walking around looking at the ice on the ponds reminded me of the very first time I visited Central Park. It was also the very first time I was ever in New York, city or state. D and Em were living in Brooklyn and I was living in Florida (I grew up in Florida, remember that for the trivia contest), I had come up to visit them, it was November. Being from Florida I of course was not used to cold and did not have proper clothing. Em loaned me a coat and took me shopping for boots. We went to Central Park with a friend of theirs, a very nice young man named Andy. I took a picture of him, but I have no idea where it is now, if it even still exists. We took a carriage ride. I don’t remember much about it, just that we took one. We bought doughnuts and threw them on the ice for the ducks. Yes I know, I KNOW. I used most of my roll of film (pre-digital camera days) trying to get a picture of the ducks landing on the ice. They were coming in to land on the ice to eat the doughnuts, and sliding and falling on their beaks. It was so funny and I wanted a picture of it. I didn’t get one. Anyway, that is what walking around the park last Saturday looking at the frozen ponds made me think of, and I haven’t thought of that in years. I wonder which one of my many albums the pictures are in.

We went to a new restaurant for dinner. I don’t know where Em finds these places. The restaurant is called Rothmann’s NYC and was very nice. Not super fancy (I mean, they had a TV in the bar with the game on!) but very nice. A place you can dress up to go to but you don’t have to be in super formal clothes (I was wearing jeans). So we each had a drink, Em got a salad and we split a steak. She got dessert and I got a second drink, however, the dessert was big enough to share (hear me laughing at how clever I was?).

All in all, another great day in the city.