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>When I put my change in jars, I sort it. One jar for pennies, one for quarters and one for the rest. I recently ran out room for the pennies.

The jar is a Sunfresh “Fruit Made Easy” jar.
It is 6″ tall and 3-¼” in diameter. I don’t know how many ounces it held, that was on the label and as you can tell, I removed the label.
Can you guess how many pennies in the jar? Come on PLEASE?
Oh you want a prize if you guess it, hmmm.

O.K. How about a pair of silver and glass bead earrings? I realize this picture is not great quality, my camera is not designed for this type of photography. The ear wires are silver as are the chains, the beads are glass. They are about 2-¼” long. Not very fancy, just pretty little ear bobs. Hand made by me.

Contest open only to United States residents due to cost of international postage.
To enter: If you are a facebook friend, send me a message with your guess.
Post a comment here with the number of pennies you think are in the jar.
Send me an e-mail.

>The bats are dying, some have been found with this white fungus around their noses, like this one. Isn’t he cute! I know I can’t be the only one to think bats are cute. Well, maybe.

Anyway this is only one of the causes, the other causes? They don’t know. The bat experts are the ones that don’t know, they just know that whatever it is causes the bats to deplete their fat stores and they starve to death while hibernating. Here are some links.


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

If you think it doesn’t matter that the bats are dying, think on this, one bat can eat 600 to 1,000 mosquitoes and other bugs in one hour. Every hour! They are bug eating machines! And in places where there are fruit eating bats, they are often the primary source of pollination for fruit trees. For some trees, the only source.

Besides being cool and cute, bats are important for the environment and our well-being. Imagine all those bugs that won’t be eaten.