>My old boss Gary (not his real name) sent me an e-mail. Not an unusual happening, we still work for the same Department, just he’s in a different region. He wants to get together for lunch or a drink. So we decided on yesterday.

Then came the deciding where to go and e-mails back and forth, we decided on a place. He tells me what train station he’ll pick me up at. The region he works in is next to the region I work in and I actually live in the region he works in, kind of funny, no? Oh well, back to lunch. So in the morning he sends me an e-mail, there was a sewage spill, and the parking lot at the train station he is picking me up at was flooded. He quips, “Good thing you are wearing your boots.” Below freezing? Bet your ass I’m wearing boots. Anyway, I get off the train and look at the parking lot, didn’t see any spill, he picks me up, drives through the parking lot and doesn’t see anything. We head on to lunch, and he calls the Regional Director to report on the parking lot.

Gary was underimpressed with the restaurant. I thought it was O.K. We decided to get drinks and a salad and head someplace else. I was kind of craving Mexican, hadn’t had any in a while. He checked out the tattoo on my shoulder and asked if he could see all my tattoos. “You just did Gary.” I had Kahlúa and club soda and he had a Bombay Sapphire Martini.

On the way to the restuarant, since he had gotten a call from the Regional Director we went back to the train station, drove further into the parking lot and found the spill, then Gary says, “There’s the Regional Director.” So we all got out and looked at the spill. It was a mess, there was water flowing everywhere and a grate had been removed leaving a 2×3 foot opening in the parking lot. Quite a safety hazard. Gary got on the phone with Westchester County to report it and tell them, they needed to send somebody to take care of it. Then we (Gary and I, the RD had to leave) drove down this road to see if we could find the actual break and found two (2) Westchester County trucks (well one truck and one car). That being done we resumed our quest for Mexican food. We headed for Dobbs Ferry.

“Dobbs Ferry,” Gary says, “Is loaded with restaurants.” We stopped at this little place (probably no bigger then my living room) with bad insulation, a surly waiter/bartender/cook, no wait, I think the busboy was the cook. Anyway, the food was good, I had beans and cheese enchilada in molé sauce with rice and black beans. Gary had a burrito. He asked the waiter if it came with anything. He looked confused and said, “No sir, everything’s inside.” We ordered our drinks, Gary got a margarita I got a Negra Modelo. The food came out right away, Gary looked at the burrito and said, “I’m glad I didn’t order anything else (as in additional food).” It was HUGE!

Having a little while to kill before I had to catch the train we started looking for another place. The restaurant was too COLD to wait there. The first place wasn’t open yet, the second place I wasn’t too crazy about going to, it was the place Gary had taken me a Christmas before and I got sick. Oh, you didn’t hear about that? Well if you didn’t, you’re not going to hear about it here.

We ended up at the second place, sitting in the bar, waiting for the train. I had a sort of martini with Pomegranate liqueur and vodka, kind of so-so. Gary had bourban. Then I had a Sombrero with a splash of Baileys added. It was very good. I will have to remember that. I took this picture from the parking lot, can’t you see how cold it was? Does anyone else think the river looks angry? I think in wintertime the river gets an angry look. Maybe I had too much to drink. Nah …..