>Tigger thinks it was the colored popcorn. I tend to agree with him. Of course I also had salt and vinegar chips, so who knows? All I know is my tummy hurts!

Today is Christmas, so I am home with nothing to do. A while ago we were watching “How It’s Made” and they were showing how Oreo™’s are made. That of course made Em want some. So D and Fred went out looking for someplace that (a) would be open and (b) would have Oreo™ cookies. They found some and I was able to get some. Thank goodness for gas stations/convenience stores run by pagans.

I went out for a walk earlier, the only places open were the two gas stations. The Citgo station was where I got the popcorn and the Mobil station was where I got the chips. Even Dunkin Donuts™ was closed. When I was there a CO pulled in the parking lot, I had to tell him, “They’re closed.” I did tell him that Starbucks was open, but I wasn’t sure how late, I though maybe 3. I hope if he went there that they were still open.

You know Christmas is over when Santa has too much eggnog. Poor Santa, he needs to go to rehab.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I am really bored. There is only so much one can do on Facebook. It is now time to go to sleep and wait for morning.