>so I have to type something. I have gotten back to this blog and I have gotten back to my book reviewing. I think I was just in a November funk and hopefully it will not become a November/December thing.

Today was my RDO or Pass Day as the Department likes to call it. I use RDO to differentiate it from PD (Pay Day, not Police Department) in my appointment book. I really have no idea why it is called a Pass Day. Today is also the day Em came home from Florida. She is more happy to be home then I am to have her home. Her family is worse then mine and I didn’t think that was possible. I had to pick her and D up which meant I got to drive her car, I also took Tigger and Fred to Panera for lunch. After Em got home we went to the store and got food for dinner. Which was great.

Tomorrow back to work. For all of us.