>I realize that is a very general statement and that I might have some male readers that take offense at it. However, I am actually talking about one man in particular, and I am not the one who made the statement.

Today I didn’t really have anything planned, so I just got up and got breakfast and loafed around the living room. Em went someplace with D but when she got home she asked me to take her grocery shopping. This is where stupid starts. The reason she needed me to take her to do her errands was today D was getting the piano and instead of renting a truck to transport it, he decided it would fit in Em’s mini van.

So he had the kids take the seats out and he and Nick went up to get it. After Em and I had finished getting groceries she gets a call from D asking her to get plastic, which she couldn’t do because we had stuff in the car that needed to be refrigerated. She was annoyed since she didn’t know why he needed the plastic and started thinking that maybe nobody showed up to help and now he needed to cover the seats with the plastic. She called back and asked him how much plastic did he need what was he using it for? Turns out he broke the back window of the van and needed to cover it. When we got home, the entire back window was gone. So to save $20 on a truck rental, it cost Em over $30 for the plastic and duct tape and the inconvenience of her now having to get it replaced. Also, as she said it cut into my time to get my hair done.

I later found out from Tigger how it happened. Just let me say that things on wheels roll, and when a piano hits a window . . . Tigger went with me to get my hair done, he needed a hair cut and a new wallet. Then after we had dinner the kids wanted to play Pictionary and D said he would play then he sat down at the computer, I went downstairs after about 30 minutes. Thinking, why did he say he would play when he knew he had other stuff to do. Why didn’t he just wait to say he would play until he was ready.