And I haven’t posted since Wednesday, I mean, like really posted, sat here and thought up something clever and witty to say out of my brain.

Every other Wednesday is a RDO for me, that stands for Regular Day Off, the Department is calling it a Pass Day. So what did I do Wednesday? Well, a lot of nothing really, and a lot of something. LOL. I walked with Gwen, we went to the library. Her idea, went online but didn’t have enough time to really do anything. Had lunch with Em. Got ice cream for Fred since he had come home sick from school, played Pictionary, see what I mean by nothing and something?

Thursday was a regular work day and today Em and Tigger went to Manhattan, South Street Seaport where she got a ankle chain and a top really cheap. I had my eye doctor appointment, I now need bi-focal lenses. But I got my contacts, I just have to not wear them from 6:00 a.m. to midnight. I should get to bed earlier than midnight anyway, since I get up at 5:00 a.m. Afterwards we met at Annie Moore’s, we had planned to go to Marie Belle, but Em had a blister on the bottom of her foot. This was on top of the blister she got when she and I were in Manhattan. So we just came home. See her take on the day at her blog, Marcie’s Manhattan.

090521-10321On another note, someone made a comment about my piercing post, so we sent a few e-mails back and forth, I decided to see if I could get a picture of my ear and here it is! I already got an “Awww it’s cute!” I am now thinking about getting a third hole, but I don’t know if there is room on my little ear.