>And Em has written about it in her new blog, that I helped her set up, but am not allowed to read. That’s O.K. she doesn’t read my blog, fair is fair. Anyway, the name of her blog is Marcie’s Manhattan. So check it out, she is new to blogging, but not to writing.

I had an appointment to get my nails done, no picture, but I didn’t get them polished just new gel put on the old stuff was starting to come off. My fingertips are a little sore now, they always are after that much stuff is done to them. Em and Fred (Tigger was supposed to come but he was sick) went to lunch and I was going to join them after.

When done with my manicure I went to Starbucks for tea and I learned that I shouldn’t carry a paper cup of hot tea while checking my e-mail (ouchie!) Then I texted Em and she said to meet her at Madison Square Park(MSP). In case you don’t know, MSP is next to the Flat Iron Building and in MSP is the ‘Shake Shack‘ where Em was in line to get Fred a malted and agreed to get me a hamburger. Em had taken my camera because the Ethiopian restaurant they were going to was recommended to them by one of Fred’s teachers so she wanted to take a picture of him there and that morning she couldn’t find her camera.

Fred was off taking pictures. When I downloaded the pictures to my computer, they were mostly of squirrels. You can see that on the slideshow, if you have time to sit through it. I abbreviated the name for MSP on the pictures and started laughing, what I used could also stand for Mad Squirrel Park. With their eyes shining, they look kind of mad.

We next headed for Alphabet City so Em could get a baby gift for one of the teacher’s wife. After we headed toward Marie Belle for Lava Cake, stopping along the way at an Art Store, then Starbucks so I could use the bathroom but the line was not moving. We left and went to Marie Belle, where the bathroom had been vandalized and we couldn’t use it. We still had the Lava Cake, it is so good, Em says one person can’t eat a whole one. I think I could. Really, I do. We found a Subway where they let us use the employee bathroom, barely enough room to turn around. Em wanted a cab, she had a blister on her feet. I never complain if she wants to get a cab. Besides her blister it was getting kind of late, something I don’t realize when it stays light so long. Dinner at Annie Moore’s and then home.

Next week, Em wants to get the gel manicure, like I get. I’ll let you know what happens.