This is Lil’ Bit, who has been living in a New York Animal Shelter for 2 years, in a small cage. She needs a loving home, watch these video’s to see how lovable she is: Lil’ Bit, Lil’ Bit in snow.

I read all about her at Sarah’s who read all about it at Daryl’s. I’m not able to do anything directly, but I have a readers and then you have readers. So if we all pull together and blog about Lil’ Bit, maybe we can find her a good home.

Here is what Daryl had to say about her.

“Like many animal lovers, Rosanna volunteers at her local shelter. She has become bonded with one particular dog that has been at the shelter for two years now. Lil’ Bit owns up to her name, she’s a little chunk of love on four legs.

After two years in a shelter in Wantagh, New York, she’s wondering when she will get her chance at a loving home. Lil’ Bit has never met a person she did not like and has so much affection to give.

Lil’ Bit is approximately seven years old and although she has very few teeth, she manages to get her food down just fine. She’s hopeful that her new family will help her shed those extra pounds so she can find her waistline again.

Please help Lil’ Bit find the loving home she deserves by posting her flyer in your community. Please also pass the flyer onto others who can do the same.

If you would like more information on this adorable sweetie, please contact Rosanna directly at: luvyourdog11@optonline.net”

Please freely copy this post, I don’t need any acknowledgement, I just want us all to use the power of our blogs, or email and the internet to find this little dog a loving home.