I have an earworm. I believe that is the expression. There are ads for the show Tudor up in the subway, Henry the 8th. Now is it my imagination or is that guy toe curling, heart stopping, take my breath away, don’t kick him out of bed unless there is more room on the floor purdy? Anyway, now I have the song “‘Enry the 8th”, by Hermans Hermits (?) in my head (I’m En-e-ry the 8th I am, En-e-ry the 8th I am I am). You get the idea. So I have to think of Piano Man or something like that before I start singing this song out loud and driving myself and everyone in the room crazy.

On another note, I tried a different Greek Yogurt this morning ‘Chobani’. It was cheaper than Fage and it has fruit on the bottom. It was pretty good, sweeter than Fage but that might have been because of the fruit. I ate the yogurt off the top and put the fruit in my oatmeal. It was blueberry so now my oatmeal looks kind of icky. I like blueberries so I am sure I will like it.

I don’t know why I am so perky and verbose, considering I got to bed at midnight, am dead tired and have had nothing with caffeine in it yet. Maybe because I am making a conscience effort to not eat bread (I’m allergic to wheat) and have started going back to the gym, two times this week. Woo Hoo. Whatever it is I need to shut up and eat my breakfast. BBL