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Breaking ALL the rules

People always comment how New Yorkers don’t wait for the walk signal, we just wait for the traffic to clear and dart across the street. It’s like we are a city of rule breakers. I have to agree, let me explain.

What’s the biggest rule moms tell their kids? No not clean your room! That’s mom’s fantasy. No moms are always telling their kids, Don’t get in a car with a stranger. Right? So you live your life running away from ride offers from people you don’t know.

Then you move to NYC, and you don’t have a car because, A) it is freakishly expensive to keep a car in NYC; B) the subway and bus system is beyond compare, who needs a car? Then one day you’re in a rush, you need to get across town RIGHT NOW, so you stick out your arm, a yellow car stops and you get in. You get in a car WITH A STRANGER. BOOM, mom’s rule has been broken.

But wait, you say, it is this strangers job to transport you safely to your destination (notice I said safely, not necessarily untraumatized, but I’ll consider cabbie driving habits in another post), maybe so I say, BUT, we all watch TV, and we know there are serial killers masquerading as taxi drives just waiting for a snowstorm and an unsuspecting victim! Once you break this rule and survive, this emboldens you break other rules, like crossing against the light. It’s no wonder we all do it.

Plugged in and tuned out

Today when I got back from lunch one of my co-workers walked into the building before me. As he held the door he was smiling and commented that I was ‘in my own little world.’

Yes I was, just me and the Flobots, or maybe the Foo Fighters. It has to be an F group, I’ve been listening to my F playlist for days. I was plugged into my iPod and tuned out from the world.

This is why the personal safety experts say not to wear headphones or ear buds while running. Because you can’t hear when the serial killer sneaks up behind you to grab your 25 year old, 5’2″, 125 pound body and throw it in his white panel van. Or is the pedophiles that have the white panel van?

Well anyway, the jokes on them because I weigh 136 and am not even in my 20’s. They do check I.D.s don’t they?