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>I shouldn’t have been so hard

>on my boys, saying they didn’t know how to win against Tampa Bay. Yesterday the score was Yankees 10, TB 2 – and Alex, oh now I love Alex. I mean Derek is still my Sweetie Face Honey Pie, but this week I love Alex. 7 runs batted in, in one inning! So now to the playoffs and the World Series.

Last night I downloaded Wolverine and I can’t decide if I want to watch it first thing when I get home or go get a DVD so I can burn it and watch it on my DVD player on my way to work. Tigger has already watched it. Actually the very first thing I have to do is clean that stinky litterbox. Phew! That will actually determine if I go to Target before I watch any movie.

Please save a tree, reduce waste. Print e-mails only when necessary.

>Bye-bye Christmas Cactus

>I have a Christmas Cactus at work. I got because I thought my desk needed some color. I think it is on its last legs. Err, roots? Anyway, when I first got it the plant was pretty and had a flower on it. I have a picture of it. Somewhere. I think. It is now all dried up and has no flowers. It probably should be re-potted but I keep forgetting to bring dirt it. I cut off the shriveled up leaves in hopes that would revive it, and if I remember I will bring dirt in Monday and see if re-potting it helps. If not, I am afraid it is going to end up in shallow grave like Blackie (Gwen’s dearly departed bunny) in the backyard.


>Saturday was a do-nothing day, I did get up though, even though it was a do-nothing day for me, it wasn’t for the rest of the household. It’s hard to sleep in when someone is building a shed outside your bedroom window.

It’s like this, D and Stitch are going to be working from home. So D wanted to turn his shed into an office. That means they needed a place to put the stuff from the shed. So he decided to turn the area under the deck into a shed and that area is right outside my bedroom window. Also Butterscotch had escaped. It was also graduation, Em needed to go to work and Fred needed to go practice (he was playing) and he was out looking for Butterscotch (Dude, he’s a cat, you won’t find him unless he wants you to). So I hollered at Fred, “Graduation!” He came back, they left, I went back to my room.

As I was on my computer participating in one of my many online activities, I got a text from Em, “Come to Dutchess Stadium”, so I got up, got my shoes on, went upstairs, looked around at everything, not quite in focus, realized I had forgotten to put in my contacts. I came back downstairs and as I was putting in my contacts got another text, “Nvrmnd”. So I went back to my room until I got the next message, “OK come and wait in the parking lot”. When I got there, I noticed that Em’s van was in the parking lot, this caused me to wonder why she was asking for a ride, the question was answered when Fred came out and got in the front seat, when I asked about Em he said, “I was using her phone, couldn’t you tell?” Guess I didn’t get enough sleep! He then turned to me and said, “I figured what to do with the Jelly Belly flavors I don’t like.” Pause “Use them as for practice swallowing pills without water.” O.K. then.

Except for going to Ron’s for lunch, the rest of the day was pretty boring.

Oh, Butterscotch eventually decided life outside wasn’t for him and came home. Only took him a couple hours.

>Update on Butterscotch

>Em didn’t make an appointment to take Butterscotch to the vet. With the kids careful and attention and doctoring the bleeding stopped, has not started again. Hopefully we will not have another blood bath. She is still planning on taking him to the vet, his ears need to be cleaned, and he might have an infection, but later after she gets the money together.

So he is enjoying the increased attention. The hallway up the stairs still needs cleaning. The boys then I scrubbed until our arms were ready to fall off. It is really hard to get rid of blood.

Tomorrow is work and Friday is the FRAY! I will leave you with this ~ On This Day ~

On June 17, 1928, Amelia Earhart embarked on the first trans-Atlantic flight by a woman. She flew from Newfoundland to Wales in about 21 hours.

On June 17, 1882, Igor Stravinsky, the Russian composer, was born.

Read more at ~The New York Times~

>The best laid plans . . .

>Last night I had planned to watch LOCI, then take my shower, then blog, I was going to finish my trip to NYC, relate the latest health news from my mom, and talk about Fred playing in Newburgh, I got as far as the intro to the show, you know that first little bit before they show the title sequence, I went to get water for tea and then Fred came down and I went in my room to get candy for him, then I heard him shouting, I went out to find Tigger holding Butterscotch, his ear was covered in blood (Butterscotch’s, not Tigger).

So the next 1-½ hours were spent trying to doctor his ear and cleaning up the blood. Those forensic guys are right. Blood is very hard to get rid of. Especially on bare wood, like the basement stairs are. Where he likes to sit and sleep and just thinking about it makes me queasy.
After that was done, I had to shower and then put my clothes in some oxyclean to soak, I already had some because I had to get the blue ice out of my sweater. It worked for that and my sweater now looks gorgeous. Bring all the clothes that were hanging up into my room and put them away. So Butterscotch wouldn’t get blood on them overnight. By that time I was so tired I couldn’t think. I just went to bed without blogging. So now my list of things to blog about has grown. Tonight I am sure I will be cleaning up more blood, Em is going to try to get him into the vet on Tuesday. Here’s hoping.

>Signs of Spring

>Officially the first day of Spring is Friday, 20 March 2009, I have been reading about how people decide its Spring or what they feel is a sign of Spring. For some its when they see the birds flying about or flowers blooming. The black capped chickadees are in the trees and the crocuses are blooming, a couple weeks ago in Central Park, Em and I saw these flowers, I think she said they were ‘Snowdrops’, pretty little white flowers, they bloom before the crocuses in Spring. I used to say, that for me, the first sign of Spring was an itchy nose and watery eyes. That is not the case so much anymore since I am getting allergy shots.

Now, for me, the first sign of Spring is, and I know you are waiting for this, ants in the cat food. Now, I keep his food in a plastic container so far no ants in there, the cat food I am talking about is the cat food that Butterscotch scatters all over the floor. Then from there, they find the bowl and **yuck! I hate ants!** then I have to throw out the bowl of food. This year I moved the bowl to the step next to the toilet, so far they have not found the bowl. I have told Butterscotch that if he didn’t leave his food all over the floor the ants wouldn’t come. I think he hates ants too since he will not go near the bowl when the ants are in it. However this has not stopped him from scattering his food. He must either (a) not understand me or (b) know that I will clean up the food and get rid of the ants. I have put out the ant traps, I don’t know if they will work because (a) I just threw them in the wall space behind the loose board in the bathroom instead of carefully setting them down since I was getting ready for work and was rushed, (b) they are left over from last year, I bought two boxes and never opened the second since the ants didn’t come back after the first traps were put out. So now my morning routine consists of, bathroom, contacts, brush teeth, clean up ants and cat food, get dressed, put on makeup and jewelry, leave for train. I really need to get up earlier.

This is Lil’ Bit, who has been living in a New York Animal Shelter for 2 years, in a small cage. She needs a loving home, watch these video’s to see how lovable she is: Lil’ Bit, Lil’ Bit in snow.

I read all about her at Sarah’s who read all about it at Daryl’s. I’m not able to do anything directly, but I have a readers and then you have readers. So if we all pull together and blog about Lil’ Bit, maybe we can find her a good home.

Here is what Daryl had to say about her.

“Like many animal lovers, Rosanna volunteers at her local shelter. She has become bonded with one particular dog that has been at the shelter for two years now. Lil’ Bit owns up to her name, she’s a little chunk of love on four legs.

After two years in a shelter in Wantagh, New York, she’s wondering when she will get her chance at a loving home. Lil’ Bit has never met a person she did not like and has so much affection to give.

Lil’ Bit is approximately seven years old and although she has very few teeth, she manages to get her food down just fine. She’s hopeful that her new family will help her shed those extra pounds so she can find her waistline again.

Please help Lil’ Bit find the loving home she deserves by posting her flyer in your community. Please also pass the flyer onto others who can do the same.

If you would like more information on this adorable sweetie, please contact Rosanna directly at: luvyourdog11@optonline.net”

Please freely copy this post, I don’t need any acknowledgement, I just want us all to use the power of our blogs, or email and the internet to find this little dog a loving home.

>Tigger found my earrings

>What day was it? I think it was yesterday. Yes it was I just found the text message from Tigger: i found earings in the wash that are urs, and i put them in ur room (exactly as he typed it). Yay! I am so happy, so now I have two pairs of purple dangly earrings. You (well I at least) can never have too many purple things.

I also found out that Butterscotch is a water snob. He sneaks into the upstairs to drink Abigail’s water. I could never figure out why, then I see Gwen putting water in her dish, from the water cooler. He likes the bottle water! I just put tap in his dish.

Em asked me if I would go to the Tempest with Gwen, she needs to go to another play for one of her classes, so on the way home I stopped at the bookstore and got a copy so I could read it before we went. when I got home I showed the book to Em, she then told me that Gwen refuses to go see the Tempest. So I asked her, “So what am I going to do with this?” She says, “Read it?” When Stitch got home I was upstairs and I told him about Gwen not going to see the Tempest and he said, of course she won’t, then I told him I bought a copy of the Tempest, what am I going to do with it? He smiles, “Read it.”

It is a nice copy, it has a glossary so I will actually will be able to understand the language.

>Out with the old,

>Our freezer died one day. The one in the basement, we still had the one attached to the fridge so we didn’t lose any food. D and Em bought a new one. Today it was delivered, D made a space for it yesterday and moved the old one out.

When I came home from work and opened the door to the basement, Butterscotch was not trying to get upstairs. I wondered why, it didn’t take long to find out the reason. He found a new perch. He was in kitty heaven. I think he slept up there. Such a silly kitty.

His fun is not over now that the old freezer is gone and the new one delivered. When I got home from Allsport, there were cat paw prints all over the new freezer.

>Missed the date

>Oh well, I don’t remember what I was going to say anyway. I had a headache when I got home. So I took some Tylenol® and laid down. I didn’t really expect it to do anything since the headache felt like a migraine starting. I was surprised, the Tylenol® and laying down in a darkened room while listening to the washer thump around actually made the headache go away.

Bought new dishes for Butterscotch, since he broke his other ones. These are stainless steel. Don’t think he will be able to break them. Right now I am trying to scrape the label off them, can’t understand why they would put a label on the inside of the bowl where the food and water go.

Since I can’t remember what else I was going to say, I will say goodnight.