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Here’s the plan

Lately I’ve been complaining about my stomach. Sometimes it really hurts, so bad at times I have trouble walking. Nothing has made it feel better, when it hurts I have to lie down with an ice pack and sleep. I was trying to adjust my diet, but since I don’t know what foods are aggravating it, this is a very hit or miss proposition.

I’ve been googling the symptoms and that is an exercise in futility, there are so many things it could be, symptoms matched GERD, so I started avoiding cola, coffee and alcohol, but that didn’t seem to help.

While scrolling through Facebook I came across this video, “Vampire Fungus”, which said, if you have problems with bloating etc etc watch this video. I normally don’t, but I was feeling desperate for some relief. It was long, the man referred to doctors with laughable names. Seriously I laughed at their names, until he said Dr. Oz. (Wait a minute! Wasn’t Dr. Oz exposed as a fraud? Not sure about that) Now I had to listen to the end, just to see how ridiculous he was. What gets me is the promises, I will tell you now what you need to do now to get relief, oh but first, I’m going to tell you five reasons blah blah. I might have bought his product, but he annoyed me.

So what was he selling? Probiotics. Which I can buy at the health food store, of course not the super de duper ones he sells for $70. I bought some and am giving them a try. I’m glad I didn’t buy his, since the best ones at the health food store had coconut oil in them. Yeah, that would have been great.

Another first

My friend Mary sent me an e-mail about an oyster crawl. It’s like a pub crawl, except you eat oysters instead of drinking. Rose also got the invitation and decided to come. It was at that point I realized I had to admit, after several times saying I liked oysters that, I had never had any. They never asked me why I said I liked oysters when I had never had them, I probably couldn’t have given them an answer.

We got these ‘badges’ in the email, with instructions to print them out or save to our phone/mobile devise. My printer is currently not working, and I was having fits trying to save it. I finally managed it, and then we didn’t need to show them.

My first stop was the bank. The second was the subway, I briefly considered stopping at Starbucks, then discarded the idea, only to regret it when I saw how long the wait for the train was. The first restaurant on the oyster crawl was Grey Lady down in SoHo, took me a while to find it. Rose was waiting for me, Mary was delayed by train problems. Rose has said to expect rain, so I brought my umbrella, but it was snow at this point.

We got two dozen oysters, I wrote down the names of the oysters, since I was planning on writing about it, but I can’t read my notes. It looks like we had ‘fisher plane'(Fisher’s Island) and ‘moom shoal'(Moon Shoal). I’m pretty sure that one of those is wrong, anyone reading this that knows their oyster names is probably laughing at me. I even checked my Instagram, and although I had posted this same exact photo, I didn’t note the names. (Name correction courtesy of Eating the First Oyster)

This is me eating my first ever oyster. Photo courtesy of NYC Photo.

After the oysters I had a shot of Lemon Vodka.

This is the second place we went on our NYC Oyster Crawl. True to form I wrote down the name of the oysters, “Blue Point”, and didn’t write down the name of the bar. I’m pretty sure it was Bait & Hook. There are two reasons I’m sure, one is the pictures look like the place we went, two the website says they have happy hour oysters: $1 Blue Point, and three it is one block over from Professor Thom’s. Which is where we went next. Not for oysters though, for loaded tots. Anyway these are my oysters. I only got 6, Mary got clam chowder, she wasn’t feeling the oyster love right then.

Rose got a full dozen. She apparently was still hungry for oysters. Of the three types of oysters I ate this day, these are my favorite. The oyster love continued to the next time I was at Fairway, standing at the seafood counter looking at the hunks of rock that supposedly hold oysters, thinking to myself, I wonder if I could shuck those.

Coney Island New Year’s Eve

A New Year’s Eve tradition is the ball drop in Time Square. It’s been going on since 1907 according to the New York Public Library (click here) and about a million people cram themselves into Time Square to watch it. I have been told I should go at least one time. To which I reply, “Get your head examined.” I don’t like Time Square when it’s not crowded with people, to be there when there are a million people would drive me to homicide. Going to prison for murder is not on my bucket list.

A) New York in January, outside in the middle of the night. Freezing temps, possible snow or sleet.
B) No backpacks allowed, so you can’t bring a snack in case you get hungry.
C) No bathrooms. And you can’t leave to go find one and then come back. Mainly because an hour after you get there you will be hemmed in on all sides and not able to leave if you were on fire. In fact, you could probably die there and no one would know until after the ball dropped.
D) If you don’t get there at noon, you won’t be able to see any of the “great” entertainment.

There is no way I am going to be standing for hours to watch a ball drop, I can do that in my living room, I don’t have to stand, I have food, water, and bathroom facilities.

This year Brooklyn decided they were going to have their own ball drop, I don’t want to imply that Brooklyn is slow or inferior to Manhattan, but the ball has been dropping in Time Square for a hundred years and they just now discovered they can have their own NYE party? Maybe they were too busy thinking about going for a dip (The Coney Island Polar Bear Club was founded by Bernarr Macfadden in 1903. They swim every Sunday during the winter.).

IMG_2011[1]It sounded like fun, so I grabbed my party outfit, and caught the train to Coney Island. I actually bought that mask to go to Coney Island. I thought it would be fun and it served two purposes. My picture was taken a lot, and it kept my face warm. The breeze off the ocean was freshening. By freshening I mean freezing. I managed to get a spot in the front, and then left it because of the brutal assault of the wind. There was hot chocolate as promised, but they ran out before I got any. Even showing up at 9:00 p.m., when it officially started it wasn’t too crowded. It got a little crowded, and I ended up not seeing anything, which means I missed the freak show. I also missed the lights on the Parachute Drop because I was watching the fireworks. And I am still finding silly string and gold confetti around my apartment. I didn’t stay for the whole firework show. I was freezing, my back hurt, and I had to pee. As a public service announcement, if you are in Coney Island and need a bathroom, there are outside public bathrooms at Nathans. They are open until 1:00 a.m.

Yes I know I shot this video the ‘wrong’ way, it’s only 30 seconds so deal with it.

From the upper west side

This weekend I am on the upper west side cat sitting. That is why I am blogging from a Mac instead of my laptop and having loads of problems. My friend (the cat’s mom) says the laptop is flakey. I think she is just being kind and it is me that is flakey. Anyway, since I can’t figure out how to get my pictures here from my phone, if you want to see the little lovelies, their blog is: Living the life of Reilly and Ryan.

Friday was my first night here, I came right from work and of course had trouble with the door. We can add that to the list of things that give me fits. Mac computers and deadbolts. Then Ryan hissed at me. No idea why, since he loves my toes, if he hisses at me they get hidden. I also told him I would drink all the beer if he continued. He soon realized I was in control of the food. I’m also cleaning your litter box Kitten Cat! I played with him for a while and I think that now, the last day I’m here, he is finally accepting me.

Both the cats like Doritos corn chips. No I was not feeding them chips! Well not intentionally. I keep trying to double space, thinking that will put a period in here.

Yesterday I had errands to run, I had to go home to get something I forgot, then I had to do some shopping. I started to worry that maybe I hadn’t fed the cats enough. After all they had gobbled up the canned food and started on the dry before I left. When I got home, there was still dry in the bowl. That is my reasoning, if there is still food, they have had enough, because if they were starving they would have eaten it all right? Then I proceeded to scare Ryan by pouring dry food in the bowl while he was eating the canned food. He ran off, and his sister promptly started eating his food. Ah siblings.

In my next post I’ll be going back in time to talk about New Year’s Eve.

Back to the Evil Green Train

Most of the time, when I am having a commute from hell and watching over-packed train after over-packed train go by, I berate myself with the every pertinent: If you had left home on time, this wouldn’t be happening! Today as I watched one, two and then stuffed myself onto the third train I thought to myself, “Today I left on time. This is so not fair!”

Leaving on time has it’s rewards however, in that even though the trains were crowded and I couldn’t get on the train until the third one, and I couldn’t read my book because it was too crowded, I got to work on time. Or at least before my boss came in.