This weekend I am on the upper west side cat sitting. That is why I am blogging from a Mac instead of my laptop and having loads of problems. My friend (the cat’s mom) says the laptop is flakey. I think she is just being kind and it is me that is flakey. Anyway, since I can’t figure out how to get my pictures here from my phone, if you want to see the little lovelies, their blog is: Living the life of Reilly and Ryan.

Friday was my first night here, I came right from work and of course had trouble with the door. We can add that to the list of things that give me fits. Mac computers and deadbolts. Then Ryan hissed at me. No idea why, since he loves my toes, if he hisses at me they get hidden. I also told him I would drink all the beer if he continued. He soon realized I was in control of the food. I’m also cleaning your litter box Kitten Cat! I played with him for a while and I think that now, the last day I’m here, he is finally accepting me.

Both the cats like Doritos corn chips. No I was not feeding them chips! Well not intentionally. I keep trying to double space, thinking that will put a period in here.

Yesterday I had errands to run, I had to go home to get something I forgot, then I had to do some shopping. I started to worry that maybe I hadn’t fed the cats enough. After all they had gobbled up the canned food and started on the dry before I left. When I got home, there was still dry in the bowl. That is my reasoning, if there is still food, they have had enough, because if they were starving they would have eaten it all right? Then I proceeded to scare Ryan by pouring dry food in the bowl while he was eating the canned food. He ran off, and his sister promptly started eating his food. Ah siblings.

In my next post I’ll be going back in time to talk about New Year’s Eve.