Lately I’ve been complaining about my stomach. Sometimes it really hurts, so bad at times I have trouble walking. Nothing has made it feel better, when it hurts I have to lie down with an ice pack and sleep. I was trying to adjust my diet, but since I don’t know what foods are aggravating it, this is a very hit or miss proposition.

I’ve been googling the symptoms and that is an exercise in futility, there are so many things it could be, symptoms matched GERD, so I started avoiding cola, coffee and alcohol, but that didn’t seem to help.

While scrolling through Facebook I came across this video, “Vampire Fungus”, which said, if you have problems with bloating etc etc watch this video. I normally don’t, but I was feeling desperate for some relief. It was long, the man referred to doctors with laughable names. Seriously I laughed at their names, until he said Dr. Oz. (Wait a minute! Wasn’t Dr. Oz exposed as a fraud? Not sure about that) Now I had to listen to the end, just to see how ridiculous he was. What gets me is the promises, I will tell you now what you need to do now to get relief, oh but first, I’m going to tell you five reasons blah blah. I might have bought his product, but he annoyed me.

So what was he selling? Probiotics. Which I can buy at the health food store, of course not the super de duper ones he sells for $70. I bought some and am giving them a try. I’m glad I didn’t buy his, since the best ones at the health food store had coconut oil in them. Yeah, that would have been great.