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You saw me walking through Port Authority with my iPhone in hand, I don’t know what you thought when you saw me but whatever it was you approached me and asked for money. I said no.

Normally that ends it, the panhandler says ‘God bless you anyway’, and moves on. For some reason you decided to try to talk me into giving you some money. You told me about getting money from another lady, how she made you promise not to spend it on alcohol or drugs and that you promised her that, you assured me that you weren’t going to get drugs or alcohol, that you needed the money because you had a job interview and needed to get nicer clothes and cleaned up. All of that could be true, what is also true is what I said, I had no money to give you. You chose not to believe me, in fact you directed me to the Bank America so I could get money from the ATM. I thought about the man on the subway who smiled and thanked me for the orange I gave him. I got angry and walked away.

When I saw you I didn’t assume that you were lazy, a drunkard, or a drug addict. What did you assume when you saw me? Did the fact that I have an iPhone make you think I’m rich? That because my boots are expensive, new and shiny that I have money to burn? I’m not rich, I don’t have money to burn. My iPhone is not the latest model, I bought my boots from a discount store and they were shiny because I had just got them shined. You didn’t know that, you also didn’t know I was at PANY because a friend was stranded and I just bought her food and a bus ticket home, which is why I was smiling and in a good mood. I don’t expect you to care about these facts, but you expect me to believe you when you say you need money for a job interview, all I’m asking from you is for you to believe me.


Last night I tried some expensive eye cream, the rash is spectacular isn’t it?


Sunday is the only day cars can park in front of my building.


This is the reigning queen. She gave me one chance to take her picture.


Beer gets siphoned into this bucket, then it is put into the bottles.


With a spigot, unfortunately this one was leaking, I think a part was missing? Not sure but we coped.


This is the priming sugar mixture before boiling. After boiling it is put in the bucket before the beer is put in.


Sanitizing bottles.


And here they are, ready to be filled.


This is a wort chiller. When we brewed we had to put the beer in an ice bath, now Rose uses this, which she says in super duper fantastic and so much easier.


This is the carboy with the brown ale in it, originally “Caribou Slobber”, I dubbed it “Bronze Medal Brown Ale” 😉


This is the siphon to transfer the beer to the bucket, there is tubing that is attached to this.


If your tubing comes out of the bucket you end up standing in beer which leads to a condition known as ‘beer feet’. I wonder if this ever happened to Sam Adams.


Bottles are filled,


Caps are sanitized,


And this nifty tool squeezes the caps onto the bottles.


We have beer!


I had to carry mine up these stairs


And here they are, my sixteen bottles safe and sound. Ready for consumption in 2 weeks.


I didn’t want to go to work, so I stopped for breakfast at DD


Queensboro Plaza


The #7 train


View from my office window


View from another office window


Ugh, there’s a crowd waiting for the train. This actually turned out to be not so bad, the train was almost empty when it finally got here.


I stopped at Sephora to check out eyeliner colors. I didn’t buy any ….


I had an orange for dinner.


I found these bottles in the recycle bin, I’m cleaning them up and taking them to be filled with ‘our beer’.


And the labels came off in one piece.

Outside my apartment door.


There is still snow in the playground, park.


I keep forgetting the subway stairs are being repaired.


My eczema is getting worse. Need to use my cream more.

Finally headed home.


Dear man on the 6 train:

The man who thinks my size 6 body can fit in a space big enough for a toddler. I hope you diaf. I was going to write something witty and sarcastic, but I wasn’t sure you would understand me.

Love, big ole me

City girl problems

One of the advantages of living in the City is not having to drive in the bad weather. The disadvantage to that is having your train delayed or not running when you need to get somewhere. Like home from work.

So I have to find a way home without taking the evil green train from hell, also know as the Devil’s train. Yesterday I walked, it was only 37 blocks. I don’t want to do that again, so I have been on the website trying to find an alternative route. There isn’t one. The #4, #5 and #6 are the only trains that go up the east side. I may have to take a bus home. Stupid Green train.