New York State has an inspection program, all vehicles registered in New York have to have a safety inspection and an emissions inspection every 12 months. My car is due for its inspection in April. A fact I was reminded of when I went through a check point on Tuesday. I went through it twice once on the way to my doctor and then on the way back. I guess the police in my town don’t have anything better to do on Tuesday afternoon.

During the winter, a snow plow broke my driver’s side mirror. This would cause my car to fail the inspection. I had told the boy to take car of it, and he didn’t, so this week I was scrambling to find a mirror. There were mirrors available online but I was worried I wouldn’t get in time. So I called the local auto parts store, they said they could get it, to be delivered to their store the next day.

The boys went to get it since the store closes before I get home. I got a text from Stitch, “The mirror is black not silver hahahaha”. There was no way I could get another one before the end of the month. His response to that was “Ok. So itll just look funny. Very funny. Lol funny.” “Gives the car spunkiness”

So the car is now unique, I was driving with Gwen and going “It’s black! It’s black!” She grinned at me. “Amy says she is a work of art.” Good way to look at it.

And that’s all, says she.