Detail of the Dakota

30 years ago most of the USA heard the announcement by one of the most famous sports announcer on what to some was the most popular sports show, Monday Night Football on ABC. It’s still playing. Frank Gifford had just offered a bit of color commentary on the play that had just been run when Howard Cosell interrupted him…

“Yes, we have to say it. Remember, this is just a football game, no matter who wins or loses. An unspeakable tragedy confirmed to us by ABC News in New York City… John Lennon, outside his apartment building on the west side of New York City, the most famous, perhaps, of all the Beatles, shot twice in the back, rushed to Roosevelt Hospital, dead on arrival. Hard to go back to the game after that news flash, which in duty bound, we have to take.”

Link to Howard Cosell announcement

Lennon’s death lingers for those who were there

Em and I were going to go to Strawberry Fields. D was going to be out of town and she was going to take the day off. His plans changed, so ours did. I have to settle for this tribute on my blog.