>And thinking about the gym, even put my clothes on, well if I’m going to do it, I will after this post.

Yesterday was supposed to be my first ‘pass day’ with the new work schedule, but I had a meeting to go to in Manhattan, so today is my ‘pass day’. The meeting was O.K., Tom was there and I had hoped to go to lunch with him, but my boss kept insisting on going to the going away lunch DOW was having for the intern. One of the reasons I didn’t want to go was the last time I was there it was AWFUL. It hadn’t changed, in fact I wrote a list up when I got back to the office.

The list reads:

  • Soda was flat, (we got two pitchers of diet soda, I got water)
  • bread was not fresh,
  • Fly on someones salad plate,
  • Chicken was tough,
  • Some dishes were too salty,
  • marinara sauce tasted like it came from a jar,
  • When the water pitcher was refilled, no ice.

Than last night I took Fred to the spring concert, Em had to take Gwen someplace, I forget where, afterward according to tradition we went for ice cream, I said Ron’s, he said Cold Stone®, I said, “Well if Ron’s isn’t open we’ll go to Cold Stone®.”,

“Bella, you know Ron’s is going to be open because they know the concert is tonight.”

Ron’s is the local ice cream shop, they normally close at 9 during the school week, but they stay open later when they know the school kids have an event.

“I take it you want to go to Cold Stone® instead of Ron’s.”


“I don’t know how late Cold Stone® is open, they might close at 9.”

Fred texted Em to see if she knew, no answer, I told Fred if Cold Stone® was closed we weren’t going to come back to Ron’s. I don’t really blame him, although Ron’s has the best soft serve in Dutchess County, possible the whole Hudson Valley, the ice cream at Cold Stone® is better. I wanted to go to Ron’s because it is on the way home and cheaper then Cold Stone®, however, Fred needed to come down from the concert high or ‘de-stress’ as he calls it.

We got there and they were open, Fred had marshmallow with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups® and I had mint with raspberries. Then we came home.