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>Tomorrow in Manhattan


I have a meeting to go to tomorrow, my former boss Gary (not his real name), will be there. I am NOT coming back to the office.

The only potential snag is my current boss may tell me I have to come back, pfft is what I say to that, and to him. Unfortunately, someone from my office is coming with me. He will be told, I have some things to take care of, what I won’t tell him is what it is I am taking care of.

D should be home tomorrow, which shouldn’t affect my ‘business’ in Manhattan. I hope to scan my postcard tomorrow for Friday’s post. See you later.

Anniversary present and new earring

Em’s anniversary is coming up soon. A while back she was talking about her next piercing. Then the washer died, motor burned out. So she was bummed, cause she wanted an iPad and a new piercing. So told her I would pay for her next piercing. D was planning on surprising her with an iPad, but that plan and to be put on hold because of a mess up with the IRS.

Today I noticed a spot on my ear next to my blue diamond, looked like the skin had come off. I mentioned to Em that I wanted her to look at my ear and I was thinking of getting a different earring at Maria Tash, she asked me to pick out her earring when I went, so I decided to leave work a little early and go down to the store and do that, I didn’t mean I was going that day, but it worked out. I ordered Em’s earring, platinum with a black diamond, and the piercer checked my ear and then put my new earring in, its a fixed bead ring with an opal. She told me it is harder to get in and out but since I don’t plan on changing it I am not worried. It would look really pretty if I didn’t have this red spot on my ear. When it clears up I will post a picture.

>I hate coercion

>or just feeling like your being coerced. Someone asking you for help to do something (money) nice for someone, someone you like no less, and they make it sound like if you don’t help them (give them the money). They won’t be able to do it. Then you have to keep the secret, and since it’s not your secret, if you tell you’re in trouble. The biggest problem for me, other then the not telling part, is that when the person thanks me, I can’t accept it because I feel like I had no choice. Not only that, but it means I can’t get this person what I wanted to get them because now I won’t have enough money. I was having a good day. Now I am in a bad mood.

>Inhalers and Epipen

>I got a new purse today. Since I buy purses a lot I don’t bother with expensive so it is a cheap Target bag. It is a little smaller then my old one which is a problem, I like to carry my wallet, my appointment book, my notebook and my camera with me. I can’t fit all that in the new purse, reason being I have to carry an inhaler and two epipens. I don’t know if that is the correct way to write that work, my computer keeps giving me the red squiggly line. Well, I am sure you know what I mean.

It means I hate having allergies and asthma. I have never had to use an epipen and I rarely use my inhaler, however, I don’t want to be without either if I should need them.

Later today we are going to Daughtry/Lifehouse concert. I was going to be watching the game, but it is cancelled due to rain.

>Day 3 with no power

>is no longer an appropriate title for this post. There was no power when we woke up, then we got a call from a friend who said he had power and heat and we could come over. So we did and the boys started toasting their feet in front of the fire. As I got ready to send an e-mail post I got a text message from home saying the power is back on. As soon as our friend gets back from shoveling we will be going home to our powered up house. Yay!

So power went out Thursday, February 25th and came back (for us) Sunday, February 28th at 10:42 a.m. approximately.

>Things I’ve forgotten

>I keep forgetting to post things. After all this is supposed to be all about me right?

First off, I have made it to 2,000 visits. I would like to thank all my readers for making this moment possible. I even have a little tear in my eye, no wait, that’s an allergic reaction, sorry.

Second my little teapot came and I am so excited! I like it because it is cute and the strainer is a fine mesh so the tea doesn’t end up in the pot like my last teapot with a strainer included. The person who first blogged about it said it didn’t leak when you poured, which I didn’t really believe, I’ve never had a teapot that didn’t leak. Well she was right, it doesn’t leak! I posted a picture of it on Facebook and guess what? Now Em wants one! So I am not sure if I should get her one, or just send her the link. Decisions Decisions.

>Concert today

>Ugg, what a morning, woke up with a headache and stomach ache (probably from the wheat toast I had last night, dummy) my eye feels like it has something in it, there was cat puke in front of the bathroom door (just what you want to see when you have to pee) and worst of all, I had a dream that I washed my hair and all the color washed out because the stylist had used the wrong stuff. I had gray hair! As Em says, that is a nightmare.

Yesterday evening I kept thinking I needed something at Target but couldn’t remember, until after I had my bath and it was too late to go up. This morning I have no car since I am being nice and let Stitch take it so he wouldn’t have to drive Em’s van. So I am sitting here cold and needing to go to the bathroom (again!) and telling myself to get out of bed and get some breakfast!

Tonight is the concert. I have my ticket in my purse, need to put my GPS in my purse also, need to put my earrings in so I don’t forget them too. So much to do and only 4 hours to do it.

>Wednesday almost gone

>so I have to type something. I have gotten back to this blog and I have gotten back to my book reviewing. I think I was just in a November funk and hopefully it will not become a November/December thing.

Today was my RDO or Pass Day as the Department likes to call it. I use RDO to differentiate it from PD (Pay Day, not Police Department) in my appointment book. I really have no idea why it is called a Pass Day. Today is also the day Em came home from Florida. She is more happy to be home then I am to have her home. Her family is worse then mine and I didn’t think that was possible. I had to pick her and D up which meant I got to drive her car, I also took Tigger and Fred to Panera for lunch. After Em got home we went to the store and got food for dinner. Which was great.

Tomorrow back to work. For all of us.

>Home from Buffalo

>I was so glad to be home last night. The trip wasn’t as bad as I envisioned, it helps that I like driving at night. And I learned some things, like the State Police DO write tickets (giggle), at 5 a.m. in the pouring rain! I don’t ever ever want to be in a wheel chair.

Some people don’t change and some little boys that you thought were so sweet grow up to be Pats fans! On another note, I don’t think Sammy stopped smiling the whole time we were there.

>We left for Buffalo between 4 and 4:30 this a.m. Yesterday I rented a Dodge Avenger so we could travel in comfort. So it was pitch black when we left and pouring down rain. Does it seem to anybody else that it is always darker when its raining? Well yeah cause the rain clouds block the stars and moon! Besides that, I firmly believe that Dodge vehicles are not designed for short people, my reason for believing that is I could not see over the hood of the car! On top of that my GPS was not working and Gwen couldn’t find the right directions. Both of those problems were soon fixed. I drove for 4 hours then Stitch drove the last 4 and now we are in Buffalo.

This is what we are all doing, Michelle is on Facebook (so am I, while also typing this here) and the kids are entertaining their friend by playing Wii with him and just now they are hooking up the x-box for him. So it is almost like being at home. Stitch is sleeping poor baby so tired, he has been up since three, kind of like I have!