I keep forgetting to post things. After all this is supposed to be all about me right?

First off, I have made it to 2,000 visits. I would like to thank all my readers for making this moment possible. I even have a little tear in my eye, no wait, that’s an allergic reaction, sorry.

Second my little teapot came and I am so excited! I like it because it is cute and the strainer is a fine mesh so the tea doesn’t end up in the pot like my last teapot with a strainer included. The person who first blogged about it said it didn’t leak when you poured, which I didn’t really believe, I’ve never had a teapot that didn’t leak. Well she was right, it doesn’t leak! I posted a picture of it on Facebook and guess what? Now Em wants one! So I am not sure if I should get her one, or just send her the link. Decisions Decisions.