StrongLanguageA few blocks from my apartment is the part of 5th Avenue known as “Museum Mile” where you will find such institutions as The Met, Neue Galerie New York, Guggenheim, National Academy Museum, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum and the Jewish Museum. I’ve never been to any of them, until last Saturday when I started looking around on the web for something to do. I remember some friends had mentioned an exhibit with Blah Blah Blah, and I remember seeing it on my runs, so I looked up Jewish Museum to get the hours and rates. Open till 6 and free on Saturday. Well duh, Saturday is the Sabbath. If you don’t know what I mean, do a little research, I’m not your mother. I put on my shoes, grabbed my camera and headed over, I didn’t know if you were allowed to take pictures, but if you could and I didn’t have my camera, I would have been mad. As it turns out, you can take pictures, but not with a flash.

This picture was taken with my iPhone and posted with my check in, which goes to twitter which is how it ended up being noticed by the Jewish Museum. I didn’t tag it because I rarely tag photos from Swarm (click the link to find out what Swarm is).

0539 JM 0719A plaque by the door explains who used to own the building and how it became the Museum, a little bit of history.

Besides the “Strong Language” exhibit that was advertised, the second floor had art exhibits, one was a frame hanging from the ceiling. I thought, if someone wasn’t paying attention and walked into the room, they could get seriously hurt by this. There was a doll house size model of the museum on this floor, complete with miniaturized copies of the exhibits of the museum in it. It was while photographing this that I accidentally pushed the flash button on my camera and found out about the no flash rule.

The top floor has a collection of religious art and artifacts, Israelite and pagan, and a history of how Israelite way of life transformed into Judaism. Despite the fact that some of the things I saw and read conflicted with what I learned when I studied ancient religions, I found this part to be the most interesting. The pictures I took are below, click on any of them to see them full size.

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