It was a typical Friday morning on the Green train. Except it wasn’t for me, I wasn’t going to work I was headed to Dutchess County for the weekend. That means I had already been up for hours getting ready. Besides showering I had to clean my apartment before I left. I couldn’t leave my apartment for an extended time with it looking the way it normally does since I might be murdered and the police would come to paw through my stuff and think, “what a slob”.

There I was on the train headed to GCT, yes a rush hour train with a suitcase. I stayed on the 6 because I didn’t want to lug my suitcase from one train to another. The man gets on with in his dress shirt & pants, tie clutching a briefcase and smartphone. As more people got on the train he moved to right in front me, I could see he was playing Monopoly on his phone. He was standing, swaying with the movement of the train, hanging on to the handhold next to me with on hand, in his other hand his briefcase and smartphone touching the screen with his thumb to make his moves. At one point he went to jail. Then the green train got to his stop and he got off.

Bye bye morning entertainment.