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Tales from the green train

The train is crowded but there is space for me, I just fit inside the door. The woman beside me has enormous …. is very well endowed (should that be hyphenated?) and every time she sways she bumps into me with her ….

When the doors open I pop out. I’ve escaped! And I run, because I don’t want them to catch me and shove me back onto the crowded six train. So far, I haven’t been caught.

Everyday is an adventure. 😛


This is an ad from Monroe College and there is a mistake in it! See if you can find the mistake.

What I learned today

I learned how to embed tweets.

Isn’t that cool? As for what I was tweeting, I put paper clips in the olive jar and binder clips in the tea tin. I put labels on them too with my handy dandy label maker.

Yes I didn’t feel like working today.

Reblogging because I love photos.

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More postcards

As long as people annoy me I will write them ‘postcards’. Notice: the following may offend some people.

Dear lady playing with your smartphone on the stairs:

Yes the world revolves around you. Oh wait no, that’s other commuters going around you because you’re blocking the stairs with your fat butt during rush hour.

Move your butt!!

No love, Me

Calling all Photogs

There is no rhyme or reason for my photos, I just shoot what interests me.


See the birdie?

Another angle.

Another birdie

Wandering around

Just shooting

2nd Avenue subway construction.