And this time it feels like forever but I don’t know why. Maybe because I know the car is loaded up with the last of my belongings and soon D and Stitch will be driving to my apartment with them. The last of my worldly possessions, or at least the last I have room for. Maybe it was Gwen telling me that the next time I came to visit things would look much different, things might be just gone. Maybe it was standing on train platform realizing I had never gone to the corn festival and not caring. I’m really a city girl at heart. I was never meant to live in the country.

Whatever the reason, whatever happens from this moment forward Beacon is no longer home, it never felt much like home to tell the truth.

It’s a miserable day to be moving, cold, nasty, and rainy. The game got rained out and for a while D was saying he might not drive down in the rain, but he is and so I feel like I am leaving Beacon forever and embarking on a new great adventure.