Last week when I was out, my boss was looking for something on my desk. As a result all the piles of papers on my desk were totally messed up, I had no idea where anything was.

Part of this is my fault of course, I should have filed them instead of stacking them on my desk. It happened like this, I got some in and didn’t have time to take care of them. So I put them in a nice little pile, then the next batch came in, and then I started looking at this growing pile of reports that needed to be logged an filed and it was just overwhelming.

Now I get to try to sort through the mess that my boss left, couldn’t even put things back where he found them! In a sense it is a good thing that now I am forced to take care of all this paperwork, and then I have to get back to writing that permit that I have also put off doing.

And the paperwork my boss was looking for? I had given it to somebody else and they had returned it to me, in my mailbox.