Em made her nail appointment for Monday because D left for Florida on Sunday. I left work to meet up with her. On the way to meet her I stopped at Sephora, I got a set of eyeliner pencils in cool colors. After the nail appointment we went down to see Ashley. I took the subway since I was wearing my dress boots and Em walked. I got there before Em and decided to replace on my studs with a ring. I got black gold with cubic zirconium.

After that we went for dinner at a ‘fast food pasta place’ Hello Pasta. I got gluten-free pasta with sauce with sausage and peas. It was very good. Em says, if she lived near there she would eat there all the time. After dinner we went to another place Em had a groupon for called Flute. Read my review here. Then we headed back to Grand Central Terminal.

My feet hurt so bad, I am wearing my sneakers today and feet still hurt.