>Our Trip to NYC June 6-7, 2009.

Yes I am finally getting around to it. If you scroll down you can see a collage of all the pictures we took. If you scroll farther down you can see a slide show of all the pictures. I have decided to do most of the posting with the pictures I took. In between the pictures I will post the notes I made at the time.

We caught the 6:50, originally Em told me the 5:50, so Gwen and I were up an hour early. At the train station we met some friends, they were going for a special program at the Met (I think). Anyway we all sat in the same car so I took these pics.

I don’t know everyone in these pictures, some are friends, some are friends of friends. But they were all willing to smile for the camera.

We stayed on the Hotel Pennsylvania (note to self, don’t stay here again, not bad-not good either), it is across from Penn Station and Madison Square Gardens. I never found out why there were two fire engines and an ambulance in front of Penn Station with their emergency lights flashing.

Next to Madison Square Garden is a Borders. I went in there, I was trying to find something to do while waiting for Em. From the coffee shop I got this great view. Now as for the other picture, I don’t noramlly take pictures in the toilet but I just couldn’t resist, the sticker says: Hygienic Liner for Fitting Purposes. I was not aware Borders sold anything that needed a Hygienic Liner. I stayed in the coffee shop while Em and I sent text messages to each other to see when we needed to meet up. She wanted me to find out where there was a street fair. As if I would know. My handy dandy Glyde came to my rescue, I googled and I found this website: Schedule New York City Street Fairs and Festivals, on that site I found, ‘Stuyvesant Park Neighborhood 2nd Ave. Fair (on 2nd Ave from 14th to 23rd Streets. I sent Em the info and started toward it. I walked down Madison, Madison and 23rd Street is where Madison Square Park is and that is where the Shake Shack is so I got a shake on my way to the street fair. When I got there, the fair was just setting up, so I was able to wander around and look at things without a lot of people around which I liked. I also liked walking down the middle of the street.

Em bought a few things, I bought a purple New York City tee-shirt and a pearl necklace. We had lunch, I don’t remember where and headed back to the nail salon so Em could get her nails done. Then back to the hotel to get Gwen and go to dinner and the cruise. We were going to have dinner at Cafe Frida, but it was too far for Gwen to walk, her feet were starting to hurt her. So we stopped for dinner, then stopped to get something for her shoes, they worked and she was able to walk.

Intrepid Museum Ship, our ship, Em and Gwen, Barbie’s Limo. Well, who else would have a bright pink limo?

Gwen and I both took pictures on the cruise. She was using my camera because the battery on Em’s was almost dead. This trip I had decided to take pictures of everything I haven’t before, since I’d never been on a Circle Line cruise before, everything we saw was new. We went up the East River and then back to the Statue of Liberty so we saw her at sunset. We saw the Chinese Consulate, Javitz Building, Empire State Building, Greenich Village and I think we went where the plane landed in the Hudson. Click on the slide show and you can look at them all. On the way back to the hotel after the cruise, we stopped at Pinkberry for frozen yogurt. Sunday’s fun will be in the next post.