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WaterSense Factoid

WaterSense Factoid

Have you ever questioned which saves more energy – turning off your faucet or turning off your lights? Let WaterSense shed some light on the subject! Running your faucet for 5 minutes is equivalent to running a 60 watt light bulb for 14 hours!


Yesterday am I was 125.8, that is down from last week but not all the way down. I was still holding water however. Today I did not eat good, I bought cashews and ate a bunch of them. I think I was hoping that I would have to go the bathroom if I ate a lot. Didn’t work.

Anyway, my parents are coming to visit in May. I really want to get down to 119 by then. That’s 2 months to lose 6 pounds. I have to start being really good.


More WW

Well, I was up a pound last WI but I was holding water. GT is coming. I did a silly thing at the gym. I was going to take my sweat pants, but forgot and took my jeans, the ones I just washed and were tight before I went up a pound. Anyway, after my workout, I put them on and couldn’t get them zipped! Got them halfway zipped up. I knew if I laid down I could zip them, but I was also thinking how embarrassed I would be if someone walked in on me! I finally had to lie down, I just couldn’t get them zipped. Once I did, it only took a second to finish zipping them up. Thank goodness! And no one walked in on me.